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WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.237 beta for Android

Communicate with your friends and family with this application.

Download WhatsApp Messenger latest version:

Version: 2.19.237 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.232 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.211 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.204 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.201 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.199 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.198 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.196 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.195 beta - Download

Version: 2.19.194 beta - Download

WhatsApp Messenger is today, the most popular instant messaging application in the world. And it is the most convenient and cheap way to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Opinions about WhatsApp Messenger:

An application that is available on Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, PC, etc. and that undoubtedly makes our life much easier by allowing us to keep in touch with people. Install WhatsApp and start sending messages to all your contacts. And is that WhatsApp, being such a well-known application, has the entire World installed. It is very likely that almost all your contacts, not to mention 100% of your contacts or new contacts, use WhatsApp. So it's very easy to be able to communicate quickly using this application.

In addition, WhatsApp is very simple to use. In fact it is used by the youngest without any problem. This App covers all our needs. And it allows us to send instant messages that always arrive, voice notes, make calls and even video conferences. It is so complete that little or nothing is left behind.

But on top of that, WhatsApp can be used from the PC. Well installing the App, or from the browser (WhatsApp web). Synchronize your mobile phone with your PC and start chatting on WhatsApp in a faster way.
WhatsApp is used by young people, men and adults. Everyone wants to use WhatsApp because it makes it very easy for them to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Everything is much easier with WhatsApp.
And above you can create and manage groups of Friends, co-workers and even friends of the school and maintain regular contact with WhatsApp. Thus, you will relive unforgettable moments with this App. Create yourself a group and start chatting with others.

In addition, you can customize the application to your liking. Silence contacts, assign personalized voice tones and much more.

WhatsApp is free, so you do not have to worry about anything. While you have data or wifi you can communicate indefinitely on WhatsApp without time or anything limitations.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the applications that can never be missing on your mobile or cell phone. It is one of those Apps that are essential for our day and that's why I recommend it to you. Although at this point it is not necessary to present it, because how you know is known worldwide. What is true is that I recommend keeping the application updated to its latest version.

If you are still new and still do not use WhatsApp, I recommend downloading it. Or if on the contrary, you have changed your mobile and wish to reinstall it, from here you can get it.

Whatsapp 2.19.237 beta minimum requirements:

The 2.19.237 beta version of WhatsApp needs to run an Android mobile phone with Android operating system 4.0.3 or higher. This version is not compatible with tablets.

Download WhatsApp Messenger:

If you want to download WhatsApp latest version for Android Press here.

Download WhatsApp 2.19.237 beta Android
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