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Drivers for the A6K notebook

2010-01-27 13:55 - Respuestas: 0 - Tema nº: 2656036

Windows XP Profesional Asus A6 Series A6K, Memoria fisica: 1,00 GB, Amd tur.

I would like to know where can I get the drivers for the notebook A6K from, because I found drivers on this website but my notebook doesn`t read them or doesn´t recognize them. I´ve read on an other forum that the first driver I have to install is the "chipset driver" but I cannot find it.This is what I have found but as I said i cannot install them:

BIOS (1) [Historial BIOS]

Utilidades-BIOS (1)

Audio (1)

VGA (1)

LAN (1)

Modem (1)

TouchPad (1)

Utilidades (12)

Wireless (4)

Otros (2)

Manual (36)

please help!!!!

thank you in advance.


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